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Folding & Scoring for Heavy Weight Papers

The first step to designing a print project that includes a fold is to decide exactly where you want it to fold. That takes foresight and planning. Whether it’s a brochure, package or even a business card, a misplaced fold can ruin an otherwise perfect design. For example, an impactful sales brochure should take the reader on a journey, revealing relevant information in a step-by-step process as the brochure unfolds. The strength of a sales message is often dependent on the location and creative use of folds in a marketing piece.

With time and use, paper, ink, and coatings can crack under pressure. A great way to avoid a shoddy fold is to score the paper first. Scoring is the process of making a sharp crease in the paper so it folds easier and lasts longer. It’s especially important when using heavier stock papers such as cover weights, card stocks and even cardboard. In the printing process, folding and scoring takes place after digital printing is completed.

When it comes to folding and scoring, don’t take chances with the quality of your printed piece. Printing Done Quickly can help you determine which types of folds will work best and whether scoring is recommended. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

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