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Make Your Image Shine

Foils such as gold, silver or other metallic inks have a lustrous finish that brings impact to your marketing piece and style to your brand. When done together with the raised paper effect of embossing, foil stamping can take your brand image to a new level.

Foil stamping is simply the process of creating metal dies of the foil shape, applying heat and then stamping them to the print surface with enough pressure to seal the foil to the paper. The material is a thin film of non-tarnishable metal.

Foil stamping works well over a variety of paper marketing pieces:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead/envelopes
  • Invitations
  • Pocket Folders
  • Certificates
  • Greeting cards

It’s also a versatile process that can be applied to promotional products as well as a number of materials including: paper, plastic, fabric, leather, wood, and vinyl.

When used to bring that extra “Pop!” to a marketing piece, foil stamping can enhance your customers’ perception of your brand. The attention-grabbing effects create an impression of distinction, elegance and even sizzle. It’s simply special.

Let Printing Done Quickly assist you in combining the right foil with the right paper to achieve the special effect you’re after for your next print job. We have experts on staff who are ready to assist you, including our team of in-house professional graphic designers.

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