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Versatile Screen Printing to Promote Your Business

If you ever had to take a logo or design and carry it across a host of promotional products such as: T-shirts, water bottles, awards, or even keychains, you’ve probably become familiar with screen printing. It is considered one of the most versatile printing methods because it can be applied over a wide range materials including paper, textiles, glass, wood, plastic, ceramics and metal. To a certain degree, the process is applied by hand, which also allows the printer to apply the ink onto uneven or curved surfaces that other printing methods can’t match.

In the screen printing process, the printer creates screens for each color used in a particular design. One at a time, a screen is then registered over the printing surface and a layer of that particular ink color is applied over the design area. When completed, all colors should register perfectly for the final look.

There are significant differences between digital printing and screen printing. Digital printing can capture high amounts of detail from photos and artwork perfectly; it also doesn’t require the use of screens. Screen printing uses more ink than any other printing technique and as a result, colors appear more brilliant even on dark surfaces. Their inks are durable and long-lasting.

Choose from the vast selection of promotional products we carry online or receive assistance from one of our customer service experts; we’re happy to advise you on what types of products will suit your needs. And if you’re looking for design assistance, our graphic designers on-staff can prepare your artwork for screen printing or work with you to create an entirely new effect.

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