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Customized Bulk Mail Services that Deliver

Sending large quantities of mail can be expensive, especially if you’re paying full postage rates. Bulk mailing is an effective marketing tool to reach a targeted audience at a lower cost than traditional mail services. Bulk mail qualifies for postage rate reduction because the pre-processing duties are handled before it reaches the post office.

Printing Done Quickly is an all-inclusive print facility that can handle your bulk mailing services for you, saving you time and money. No need for us to ship our printed materials back to you for processing. We’ll take care of it here so you can focus on other aspects of your business. We’ll even pass the postal discounts along to you. Simply give us your mailing list and PDQ will take care of the mail merge, bulk mail sorting and delivery to our local post office. We give you the best possible postage rates based on the size of your pieces and your mailing list.

Bulk mailing services are just another way Printing Done Quickly takes customer service to another level!

printing done quickly

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