Your business card reflects more than just your information. It’s the first impression of how you work. You want your business card to stand out from the crowd and be as memorable as you are. If you’ve handed out business cards for years and rarely received a response, it may be time for an overhaul. These tips will help you whether you are buying your first business card or giving your current one a much needed refresh.

Less is More

Don’t overcrowd your card. Keep it to just put the most important information. Only highlight social media links where you are most active, specifically places where you tell your company’s story and engage most often with customers. Be ruthless in what you leave on your card. Do you need a full address, or can most people find it by putting your company name in their GPS or browser search?

Here is a protip: Don’t use your homepage as the website link. Instead, why not have a landing page with a free download or video for your business card connections? If that’s not possible, consider the company blog or active resource page. Your business card is a gateway to potential customers and clients. Don’t send them to something they could find with a simple browser search. Send them to a place that tells them how much you appreciate the effort it took to return to your business card and find you.

Be Unique

Choose a unique size, finish, or paper to make a lasting impression. Whatever you choose, it needs to match the color and style of your branding. Instead of a simple logo, why not show something interesting? Choose things you’ve built, designed, or painted. You can even show off your products or your people.

Make a Connection

It’s common for business cards to end up in the trash. Make your business card stand out by putting an offer or promotion on the back. That way, they keep the card with the incentive to connect with you later. You can use a QR code, a website link, or a promotion offer. Promotion offers can be discount/product codes for online purchases or an incentive for them to come in to your store and exchange the business card for a discount or service/product offer.


If you have an upcoming event or trade show, why not create business cards unique to that situation? Small print runs can have multiple benefits. You can create a unique call-to-action that can only be used by attendees. Limited time offers, specific discounts and bonuses can change the way they look at your business.

Finally, if your business card isn’t working out, or if your information has changed, make sure you change your cards as soon as possible. Marking through phone numbers or other information looks unprofessional. Remember, your business card is how someone connects your face with your brand. Take the time to do it right. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help build a promotional branding package that fits your needs.

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