We keep hearing that the Internet is the place to be for businesses and marketing. While this is absolutely true, often people are ignoring a truly vital part of the U.S. economy that is still growing—the tradeshow. A recent survey of the U.S. meetings industry showed that almost 100 million people annually attend a tradeshow or corporate conference. This brings in about $96 billion annually to the economy.

If you are a new business trying to get your product out to the masses, tradeshows are going to be a big piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately, once you get there, you will see that you have a lot of competition. So how do you make sure that your tradeshow booth is set apart from all the rest and outshines your competition? Here are tips to do just that.

Pick Your Spot

Just like in real estate, the key to success is “location, location, location.” Make sure that you get a main aisle and see if you can get the end of the row. This may cost more money, but it’s worth it. Don’t let yourself be stuck in a back corner or hallway or right at the door where people may just pass you over on their way somewhere else.

Get an Eye-Catching Backdrop and Banner

Your backdrop is going to be very important to help you draw in customers and clients. First, it needs to be professionally designed. One of the quickest was to kill potential business is trying to bring in professionals with a backdrop or banner that looks like it was made in a garage by a kindergartener.

Your backdrop and banner should include your corporate logo and be full-color so that it’s easy to see. You should also invest in a lighting system so it’s highly visible as spectators walk by the display. Finally, consider getting a retractable banner for ease of set-up. It will be worth it in the long run.

Marketing Collateral and Interaction

One of the easiest ways to bring in customers is to make sure that your table is well stocked with marketing materials and giveaways. Keep it fully supplied so that you don’t run out and have to turn away potential customers. You to make sure that your item has your logo on it and is something that people are likely to use (one hot item over the past few years has been custom designed flash drives).

Finally, try to keep things fun as you interact with the customers. Don’t put up a table between you and them and try to engage them with fun activities such as contests.

Tradeshows and conventions are a booming part of the business world. If you want to stand out from the crowd and beat your competition, you need to spend some time working on your display so that you can be seen and remembered. If you’re ready to create materials to make your tradeshow booth top-notch, contact us today!

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